Jay Sweeney, Résumé

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I seek to work with new technologies. On creative, and interesting projects, and to work with, and contribute to, a team of like-minded individuals. I have a natural curiosity for new technologies and I'm constantly looking for ways to improve my knowledge and skills.



Key Professional Experience

Senior Software Developer, Wotif group (2011 - present) — www.wotif.com

Wotif Group operates leading online travel brands in the Asia Pacific region. Wotif was a publicly listed company (WTF) employing more than 450 staff in 13 countries on five continents. Recently, Wotif Group was acquired by Expedia, Inc.


Key Technologies and Methodologies

Software Applicatons Manager, Creatop (2009 - 2010);
Senior Software Engineer, Creatop (2006 - 2009).

Creatop is an active small-to-medium sized software firm offering a range of products and services from large-scale, complicated business applications down to website design and hosting. In this role I have gained experience working in a small team of software developers of various experience levels to achieve outcomes on tight timelines. I was involved in all aspects of the software development lifecycle: initial client meetings and requirements gathering; software specification and design; implementation and deployment; and, quality assurance and software maintenance. In 2009, I was promoted to the position of Software Applications Manager. In this new role I was entrusted with team leadership responsibilities, while also making decisions about the technology and software development upon which Creatop built its business.


Key Technologies

Consultant Software Engineer, Flexicar (2005-present)

itx screenshot

Flexicar is an innovative, high-tech car sharing concept. Flexicar members can book a car over the web, locate a car, and using their SmartCard, swipe-in, unlock the car, take a journey, and swipe-out afterwards. All without the requirement for human staff-interaction. Booking, billing, and car locking/unlocking is fully automated via Internet applications. Flexicar Support staff can GPS-track and control many aspects of their flexi-cars via specialised internet applications.


flexicar diagram

Key Technologies

Lead Developer, QUT + Kids Help Line (2005)

KHL counselling tools This project was a partnership between the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and Kids Help Line (KHL), to develop interactive, web-based counselling tools to complement KHL’s existing online services and other counselling activities.


As the lead developer on the project, I was responsible for IT planning, technology selection, system architecture, implementation and support of the web counselling software suite.

Key Technologies


Dave Whitla, Technical Architect, Wotif Group

dave D-O-T whitla A-T wotifgroup D-O-T com

Marcos Caceres, Platform Architect, The Mozilla Corporation.


Further Commercial Referees are available upon your request.